Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"We don't need no Stinkin' Badges!"

It has been a constant work session for me the past few days. Just when I thought my college studio all-nighters were done, I cranked out a few more.

Finally finished and ready for the mail are my resumes and work samples. Those should be bound and shipped tomorrow! I've created and printed business cards. I didn't want to do too many because my address and potentially my phone number are going to change here in a bit, but I still want to give potential hires something they can keep that might fit into their way of doing things. I have phone and email listed on them, wanted a webpage, but don't want to put it on there until the webpage is up. I am debating now if it would be appropriate to even put an address on there. I don't think putting something generic is appropriate:

Matthew Smith
Nissan Sentra's Back Seat
Eisenhower's Interstate System, USA

Besides, if they would like to contact me, phone and email are best.

I'm struggling to find apartments and jobs in the Seattle area. While I have a few likely possibilities, it would be alot easier to just be in the area and have a home base closer than a 4 days drive. Nathan and I have discussed it, and I find out tonight if I would be able to rent his families vacation cabin in Astoria, OR for up to 3 months. It would give me a cheap place to live about 3 plus hours from downtown Seattle. On the large chance that I don't get an internship right away, it would give me the opportunity to find a supplemental job in the region, learn the cities of both Seattle and Portland, scout out apartments, and finally give me a home base from which I can do walk-in meetings with firms in both cities.

I'll keep you updated.

Since this is a road trip blog, I'm going to keep with the theme I started in the last one and post some pictures from a previous trip. Once I actually do hit the road, I'll upload pics from this current trip. January 20th, now 6 days away!

(These are actually from two separate trips to Washington D.C., but I won't tell if you won't!)

The National Building Museum

Library of Congress, Jefferson Building

World War II Memorial

Smithsonian Castle

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