Thursday, January 15, 2009

These are the strangest, the glorious, the good ol' days

I do have a tendency to act naive every once in a while. I like to think that there are good and wholesome people scattered about this great big planet we're riding. But the real world is a harsh and ugly place; it takes a temporary naive vision of the world just to be able to smile sometimes. Worse even are the recurrences of bad things happening to good people. It just makes me mad to see that somebody has the nerve to do the mindless evil in this world.

Just relax, lie on your back and stare at the clouds. Read a Sunday morning comic and laugh. Go to the park and enjoy the sounds of playing children's laughter. Watch a dog try to fetch a laser beam. There are numerous things one can do to raise there spirits. Yet greed takes over and the thirst for money leads some people to over step bounds of human civility.

This trip I'm taking soon, I'm scared. Not going to lie to you about that. But a few things were certain: I had a plan, I had supplies, I had the necessary money, I had several firms lined up to go talk to, I had enough music to last me, a camera to record the adventure, and a GPS to guide me through sticky situations.

Funny thing about the last one, I don't actually have a GPS unit. It is definitely something I want for the trip but I wanted to save as much money as I could and just borrow one. Josh, younger brother actually go one from his girlfriend for Christmas. Great right! I could borrow his, once I get to Seattle, ship it back to him. Not only did he say "no," he threw in an explicit interjection!

Nathan, on the other hand, said it would be no problem to borrow his. I swear the man would give out the shirt on his back in a sleeting rain, even if you had an umbrella! Nate is one of my closest college friends. He and I have had several similar experiences, not to mention we just get along so well. That short list of friends who I plan on remaining in close contact with, he's high on the list. He's practically sponsoring my trip up north, doing all he can but financial benefaction.

A recent event in Atlanta has been a speed bump for all the planning. Actually it's the spark that lit the fire of disappointment in mankind. Looking at grad schools in the Atlanta area, Nate returned to his truck to find a broken window. Missing out of the cab was about 700 bucks worth of stuff including his GPS unit. Nathan called me to let me know what happened, and I think he was more upset about not being able to help than that it was gone. Why does something this bad happen to somebody so good?

Without trying to make it about me, but this blog is a travel blog. It is meant for recanting stories about, detailing preparations for, and giving updates about my road trip. This news from Atlanta puts a kink in the plans. A GPS units is now on my radar of things I need to buy, which only means less money for the trip, which means I have a shorter window in which I need to succeed to stay.

On a side note, I think the house in Astoria has been confirmed. That means I'm moving to Astoria. I'll get up there and spend 2-3 days hunting for an architecture job. After 3 days, I'll need to find anything I can to have income. It was suggested that I try to work for a city government department as the pay and benefits are good, and job security is supposed to be relatively high. I think that I have a big enough set of marketable skills that finding a decent job shouldn't be hard. Only issue I'm really worried about is the availability of jobs in my particular market.

Well that's it for tonight. The travel memories menu tonight will consist of photos of one of the more unique museums as far as location, content and design: The Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, or in the local tongue, Museo de Nacional de Antropologia.

Reenactors on a Maypole
Turns out this uploader is taking too long, I'll try again tomorrow.

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