Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texas, Here I come again

Last time I was in Texas, I was there on an Architecture School field trip. We were looking at buildings and museums in Dallas and Ft. Worth. It was like walking through any modern architecture history book. We visited the Piano's Nasher Sculpture Museum, Kahn's Kimbell, Ando's Modern, and we were studying Legorreta's new design for the Science and History Museum.

But Texas isn't all museums! When you think Texas you think cowboys and live stock. Closest thing to a cowboy we saw was the images on the side of Texas Stadium! Closest thing to live stock was that sculpture to the right.

Not only will the drive through West Texas offer chances to see authentic Texas, but it also has the chance to not be so lonely.

My architecture school classmate, Jason, has decided to do a similar cross country trip. Only he has two wheels! He leaves early in the morning from Muscle Shoals, AL on his bicycle, with nothing but the gear on his back! He hopes to be closing in on San Antonio by late January. (You can keep track of his journey here.... ).

If he ends up in San Antonio on schedule, there is a chance that I would pick him up, and we'd travel the desert of west Texas together. It should save each of us some money, and I think it should prevent him from repetitive nights of camping in the desert. His eagerness to cycle across the country he feels like he's cheating himself, so he wouldn't ride with me much past El Paso. That would mean my longest drive, the 15 or so hours from Houston to Tucson, would be broken up and at least 7-9 hours there would somebody else in the car with me, depending on where he wants to get out.

Happy Trails!
(Auburn, AL)

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